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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Futuraskolan International Pre-School Skarpäng

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Futuraskolan International pre-school Skarpäng is a bilingual pre-school with children and staff from all over the world. We are an international pre-school preparing the children to be citizens of the world and our pedagogical activities are performed in both Swedish and English.

English is our common language, but we are able to support the children in other languages.


The preschool is located in spacious and nice premises in a quiet residential area in Ensta. We have a large playground with a proximity to forests and natural areas. The Pre-school is easily reached by train and bus.


Our learning environment encourages joyful learning and free play in interaction with each other which inspires children to make active and independent choices. We work a lot on how to communicate. Managing their language in relation to other children and adults creates joy and confidence about their own self, which in turn gives a good sense of self-esteem. We also work actively to raise interest for the English language.

Our goal is to give the children an understanding of the environment and sustainable development. We are working to give children healthy habits and are Green Flag Certified.

Our outdoor environment allows for many different activities where the children naturally train their rough motor skills. It also offers exciting experiences through different games and provides a meaningful outing for children’s learning and development.

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Pre-School Principal

Adriana Marx Norén


+46 (0) 723-71 28 00

Pre-School Admin

Feliz Eriksson

+46 (0) 734-07 56 46

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Torvmossegränd 3, 187 42 Täby

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What's for lunch?

Fredag - Vecka 28

Pasta med sommarprimörer med kyckling & getostsås
Pasta med sommarprimörer, bondbönor, vegbites & getostsås

Torsdag - Vecka 28

Hemlagade Albondigas, serveras bräserade i tomatsås med saffransris
Vegetariska bollar, serveras bräserade i tomatsås med saffransris

Onsdag - Vecka 28

Tempurastekt torsk med remouladesås, kokt potatis & grönärtssallad
Hirsnuggets med remouladesås, kokt potatis & grönärtssallad

Tisdag - Vecka 28

"Elevernas Val" Kebab, serveras med pitabröd, hummus & labneh
Falafel, serveras med pitabröd, hummus & labneh

Måndag - Vecka 28

Broccolisoppa Serveras med pannkakor & jordgubbssylt